The price is for 3 days (December 2nd to 4th, 2021) – This fee is Non-Refundable.


An invoice with a unique reference number will be issued to each exhibitor. Please mention this reference number in the transfer to Dude Just Dude’s account in order for us to track your payment and approve your application.


Space Contract with terms and conditions


Exhibitors should be present on the event venue on time, starting from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM. You may come in earlier for set up.

Make sure to abide by COVID guidelines (e.g. mask, social distancing of at least 2 meters, etc.). All attendees are required to wear face masks at all times during the event. If safety rules are not complied with and violated, the person will be reported immediately, and the necessary action will be taken against them.


Exhibitor must not break or sabotage the venue’s or the organizers facilities. Any damage done will be the Exhibitor’s responsibility (table, ground, chair, the venue in general).


The center and organizers are not responsible for the loss or damage of the exhibits at the time of the exhibition.


Selling of counterfeit goods is strictly prohibited and could be punishable by law.


Any exhibit deemed inappropriate by organizers will be removed. All decisions are final.


If organizers notice that stolen art or someone else’s art is being sold without permission, then the said Exhibitor risks being removed from the exhibition


Please ensure that your belongings do not obstruct the pathways, other exhibitors, or the other shops in the venue


Exhibits such as steel and sharp objects are not permitted for display and cannot be sold at the event. If such items are found on display, organizer will issue a warning advising exhibitor to remove the items from the display. If the warning is ignored, the organizer will confiscate the items, and they will be handed over to local authorities.


Prior approval must be obtained if you intend on having raffles, competitions and any entertainment activities. A fine will be imposed to exhibitors who will do any of these activities without permissions.


In relation to video games if any: Exhibitor must have a visible disclaimer sign display in front of their stand to deter young audience to participate in R Rated Games. Please ensure to let the organizers know before a week before the event if you need further requirements (e.g.: electricity, additional chairs)

Special requests for additional activities may be sent to request@dudejustdude.com.


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