It couldn't be easier!

Upload your designs, choose your products and we set up a store with a unique link for your followers to shop at ease

store name.png


Once an order has been placed for your design, it's immediately sent to our manufacturers, printed and packaged

The finished product will be picked up by one of our dudes and be delivered to the customer with care

Once the customer has received and paid for the order, we transfer the profits right into your account! 

That's it! Start selling to get placed on our leaderboards and earn more with every


P.S. We don't charge you a single dirham (AED) until your design has been printed and carefully delivered to your customer! Then the cost of manufacturing is deducted from the total amount and the rest is sent to your account!

Each of our high quality products has its own fulfillment price inclusive of everything. (We provide free and fast delivery for all our customers across UAE